Stream Dancer




It has been an evolution in design - a result of thousands of hours and hundreds of interviews with fly fisherman, duck hunters, river rats, nature lovers, protective parents, it-will-never-work critics, and a handful of supporters. I've tested paddle wheels, ducted props, centrifugal pumps, (small, medium, and large) props, tunnel drives, screw drives, planing & displacement hulls, long boats, short boats, wide & narrow boats. If it floats, I've studied it! If it can be fabricated, I've tried it!

How it works -
The final product resembles a cross-breed of a canoe, sit-on-top-kayak and a drift boat.  Yet, hidden under each side of the hull is an electric motor, connected to 18" long screw drives recessed in tunnels. This allows the watercraft to operate in as little as 6 inches of water. Sliding foot switches are connected to each motor/screw drive. A deep-cycle marine battery is concealed in a compartment behind the seat. Just push forward in the heel pockets and you'll be zooming along at 5 to 7 knots. Imagine hooking a trout and chasing him all over the stream without putting down your rod. Kayak Fishing just doesn't get any better than this! Think about running the rapids with your kayak paddle, then putting it away when you hit that 2mile stretch of flat water. Or use your paddle and the 60 lbs of thrust to blow the minds of on-lookers who have no idea what's under the hull. Kayak

What next?
The first nine prototype versions of this "kayak fishing machine" have been completed. The Stream Dancer design is now settled and accomplishes all of the desired criteria and more. The patent is pending. I'm now talking with roto-molders, switch and motor manufacturers, and distributors. Production is scheduled soon. 

Look for this kayak fishing machine in your favorite kayak, outdoor, or fishing store soon. If you don't see it, ask the manager to order a Stream Dancer for you.

John Zimmerlee

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