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Stream Dancer - hands-free kayak fishing
an electric powered fishing kayak controlled solely by your feet that operates
in 6 inches of water without harming fragile underwater environments.

Winner of International Concept Boat Design Award
at London Boat Show in January 2008

  • Hands-free control . Imagine using rod & reel, field glasses, camcorder, or even aiming a shotgun . . . while fully controlling the craft. All forward & reverse motion, turning and speed is intuitively controlled entirely by your feet. Push forward on both feet and both electric motors thrust the boat forward. Push further and the electric boat goes faster. Relax both feet and the boat stops. Pull back on your heels and you’re backing up. Push on one and pull on the other . . . you will be spinning like a top. Imagine kayak fishing while never having to put down your rod.
  • Permitted where gas power is not. Now you can get into those small lakes, wildlife refuges, shallow ankle-deep streams, and lily-choked backwaters with ease and quiet pollute-less speed. Enter those 'electric-only' bass fishing tournaments and watch the heads turn while you're fishing and they're handling the tiller . . .not their rod.
  • Light weight. Light enough for one person to position on a car top carrier . . . under 65 lbs without the battery. Very similar to those other non-powered kayak fishing craft.
  • Whitewater capable. Run those class I and class II rapids. When you drop into the flat water, leave your kayak buddies paddling in your wake as you roar down river at 5 to 7 knots in your electric kayak . . . or just trout fish while they're paddling.
  • Unsinkable. Rotomolded, this electric kayak is similar to sit-on-top fishing kayaks with self bailing cavities, but much dryer.
  • Compact. Small dimensions for launching from tight and remote locations. Shallow 6" draft makes just about any stream accessible. For the purist, this electric kayak fishing machine even responds well to a kayak paddle. You can go anywhere the ordinary fishing kayak can go.
  • Stable. Stand up while kayak fishing. It won't tip over like most kayaks!
  • Casting. Just lean forward, flip the seat back over, and up pops a casting saddle! Now you can sit up high, cast without dragging the line in the water . . . and still control your speed and direction with your feet. It's the ultimate kayak fishing experience!
  • Comfortable. Ergonomically designed for hours of kayak fishing. The semi-reclined seat takes weight off your legs and supports your spine.
  • Quiet operation . Bird watchers and fisherman, this is what you've been searching for. Two electric motors provide near silent propulsion.  Screw-drives do not cavitate like props. Wildlife are actually curious and attracted to you!
  • Safe . This is a much safer boating format than hydroplanes, jon boats or jet skis for enthusiastic young mariners. The stability of this electric powered kayak and the low seating arrangement makes falling overboard a difficult task. The screw drives are under the hull. Maximum speed is about 5 to 7 knots.
  • Easy launch. No inflation, trailer, or time consuming assembly required. Just unload your Stream Dancer from the car top rack, drop in the battery, . . . and roll to the water! Yes, it even has a built-in wheel! Kayak fishing doesn't get any better than this!
  • Cargo! A huge compartment is just behind the  seat. Take you camping gear, cooler, or convert it to a live-well.  Yes, live-well! Electric-only fishing tournaments are popping up all over the place. You have to bring that trophy winner back to the judges station!  Ah . . . electric kayak fishing!
  • Affordable . For about the same cost of a fishing kayak, two trolling motors and a battery, you can own the most versatile hands-free electric powered kayak fishing machine on the planet. 
  • Fun. You don't have to have an excuse like fishing, bird watching, paint ball or alligator round-up. Just take this electric kayak out dancing on the water!

Stream Dancer. . . an electric kayak for everyone!

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